Step 1: Review Guidelines and Country Matrix

In order to correctly complete your registration for NHSMUN, please first review these two documents:

NHSMUN Registration Guidelines (overview of the registration process)
Country Matrix (details on each country's representation, and how to choose a country of proper size).

Both of these documents are crucial to a successful registration process, so please do not proceed until you have reviewed them thoroughly.

Step 2: Submit Registration and Country Requests

The NHSMUN registration process consists of a multi-part online form that collects basic information about you, your school, the number of delegates in your group, and your requests for countries/committees to represent. Please note: you will not be required to submit specific student names until later this fall (December). At this stage, you are simply indicating your total group size and requesting countries/committees which you will eventually assign to the students.

Once you have reviewed the two documents indicated above, **CLICK HERE** to access the registration form, where you will submit your school information, numbers, and country requests. Please be sure to complete all fields in the form prior to submitting. After you have successfully completed all fields, you will receive an automated email with a record of your registration requests.

Step 3: Pay the Deposit Fee

After you submit the registration form described in Step 2, you will receive an invoice via email requesting your group's deposit payment for NHSMUN 2019. The deposit fee is $55 per person. The remainder of your fees will be due in January 2019 and will be invoiced in late fall. The invoice you will receive can be paid by check, wire transfer, or online using a credit card. Instructions will be included in your invoice. Payment of the deposit fee is required in order to be accepted to the conference and receive your country assignments. Please contact us in advance if you anticipate difficulties with the deposit timeline.

Step 4: Acceptance & Assignment Notification

After paying the deposit, you will be notified by Monday, November 12 of your group's country and committee assignments. Regarding country assignments, while we will make every effort to accommodate your requests, please realize that many of our committees and countries experience tremendous demand and we are simply unable to grant all requests! Additionally, along with your country and committee assignments in November, you will receive access to all committee background guides, as well as several delegate and faculty preparation guides and other digital resources to assist during the conference preparation process.

Thank you again for your interest in NHSMUN. We look forward to working with you!

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Registration Process


Review Guidelines & Country Matrix


Submit Registration/Country Requests


Pay the Deposit Fee


Acceptance & Assignment Notification