UNPBC: United Nations Peacebuilding Commission

Topic A: The Situation in Colombia

Colombia’s internal conflicts can arguably be described as “the world’s longest-running civil war," as the tensions and violence spurred by notable disagreements have been present for more than 50 years. One of the most notable actors has been the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC (by its initials in Spanish) guerilla, because of its size, territorial control, and military capacity. After a narrow legal rejection of a peace agreement with the FARC, a Revised Peace Accord was approved and ratified on November 30, 2016. However, conflict is far from over in Colombia; the signature of the accords is just the beginning of a long post-conflict period. What will ultimately guarantee a peaceful environment in the country is correct implementation, post-conflict peacebuilding strategies, and proper translation of the agreements into concrete actions. This makes the UNPBC uniquely qualified to help build a lasting, sustainable peace in the country and bring stability for the countless affected civilians.

Topic B: The Situation in Kosovo

The state of Kosovo emerged after the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1990 and faced a multitude of serious issues early on, most notably those fueled by the ethnic tensions within the newly formed region. By the end of the decade, Kosovo had suffered a vicious ethnic conflict between the 90 percent majority Kosovar-Albanians and the minority Serbian population, which sought reunification with Serbia. The conflict resulted in a UN Interim administration until 2008, when the country unilaterally declared its independence and adopted a new constitution under the leadership of the Kosovar-Albanian majority. Continued tensions led to UN and European Union sponsored talks between Serbia and Kosovo in 2011 until the Brussels Agreement was reached in 2013, bringing a tenuous peace to the war-torn region. However, with tensions rising from the Albanian Prime Minister’s proposal of a “Greater Albania” through unification with Kosovo, the situation is far from stable. UNPBC must work diligently to tackle the political, humanitarian, and developmental aspects of this volatile and dangerous conflict.

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