The committees for NHSMUN 2018 are separated into four different organs: General Assembly Main Committees (GA Mains), General Assembly Specialized Committees (GA Specials), Economic and Social Council Committees (ECOSOC), and Specialized Agencies (Specialized). Each of these organs is managed by an Under-Secretary-General, who trains the directors of each committee and assists them in proposing, researching, and writing their background guides and developing the topics for NHSMUN 2018. Each Under-Secretary-General reports directly to our Director-General, Paige Petrashko, who oversees the substantive program of the conference. Our substantive team is in the process of picking the best and most engaging topics possible; please check back soon to see a description of each of the topics once they have been selected! These committee pages are also where our background guides -- comprehensive overviews of each topic -- will be posted once they are published.