NHSMUN Conference Fees

NHSMUN 2018 fees consist of the following:

Participant Fee - $105 per person

A participant fee is charged for each student or teacher/chaperone who attends the conference. The participant fee includes access to all NHSMUN materials and programming: committee sessions, speakers series, mission briefings, delegate social, faculty sessions, banquet, auxiliary programming, preparation materials, credentials, programs, placards, on-site materials, UN security fees, passes, and all other supplementary conference activities.

School Fee - $95

Each school attending NHSMUN pays one school fee. This fee is assessed to cover NHSMUN's online registration platform hosting fees and administrative service costs.

Delegation Fee - $95

A delegation (on average, 1 per 25 students or fewer) is each country represented by a school on non-specialized committees and each country/assignment on a specialized agency (Security Council, Historical Security Council, International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, Crisis Committee, Historical Crisis Committee). If a specialized committee permits double delegations, only one delegation fee applies. Our Country Matrix, published prior to registration in the fall, will list delegation sizes for non-specialized and specialized agencies.

Example - Imagine that the Sycamore School has 20 students and 2 faculty advisors, with 18 students representing Spain on the GA/GA Specials/ECOSOC committees (non-specialized agencies), and 2 students representing the seat of China on the Security Council (a double delegation specialized agency). The Sycamore School would pay 22 participant fees (20 for the students and 2 for the faculty advisors), 2 delegation fees (1 for Spain and 1 for China on the Security Council), and 1 school fee.

PAYMENT Types and Deadlines

Payment Types - NHSMUN accepts payment by check, credit card, or wire transfer. Details on how to pay using each of these methods will be available in your invoice. Please note that for payment by credit card, there is a 3.3% convenience fee, and for payment by wire transfer, there is a bank fee of $15.00. There is no fee for payment by check.

Payment Deadlines - A non-refundable deposit of $55.00 per participant is due by November 1, 2017. Remaining fees will be due at the end of January 2018.