10,000 Hours of Dedication!

A few months ago, we wrote about the topic proposal and selection process. Now, let's talk a little bit about the background guide writing process! NHSMUN Background Guides have earned the reputation of being the best and most comprehensive on the Model UN circuit, and we are proud of our work. When we post our finalized guides in November, you will see for yourself just how useful they are! We aim for our Background Guides to serve as valuable resources for delegates not only to learn about the complex topics they will be debating in their committees, but also to guide them in conducting further research or in further pursuing the topics in another capacity in the future.

If you are interested in how our process works, here’s an overview: our committee directors write several drafts of the Background Guides, each of which is submitted to their Under-Secretaries-General and our Substantive Sub-Committee for multiple rounds of revision, to ensure that all pertinent facts and resources are referenced and explained. After this, our senior staff conducts additional rounds of edits, and the five month process culminates with the publication of Background Guides that, collectively, reflect the knowledge and input of over 10,000 hours of our expert staff members’ time! Our committees feature some very engaging topics this year; check them out by navigating to our committee pages! Once they are finished, that is where we will post our finalized Background Guides as well.

NHSMUN Under-Secretary-General Editing

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